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anuncio travesti Kelly Couto
Kelly Couto


anuncio travesti Le Farias
Le Farias

Centro, São Paulo

anuncio travesti Rebecca Gambine
Rebecca Gambine

Centro, São Paulo

anuncio travesti Bruna vargas
Bruna vargas

Centro, São Paulo

Available shemale in Center of São Paulo

In the downtown of Sao Paulo, day time you can enjoye the underground cinemas in Sao Paulo, with a lot of sex on the screen. In several of these cinemas, you will find transsexuals or crossdressers. But there are also gay women and girls too, all in the same movie. And guarantee to find all type of company.

At night, the best and dinner a great grilled meat on the golden steer grill. The trannies in the SP center love to dinner there. Be aware of the cracudos of the area, because in certain corners it looks like a dead walking area. Leave it to the transsexual who is with you, because they know the area well and will know the best streets to walk. Enjoy the night with your tgata! The hotels of the center are well taken into account ..

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