Shemales in Sao Paulo City

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If you are a fan of Shemales og São Paulo (SP) is the city you should visit. There are literally thousands of Sao Paulo transex, little CD's, trannies and transvestites that live there. You can see many of them working the streets of Indianapolis, Jockey club, etc. The quality of shemales in SP is extraordinary. You can find these beauties that you can take to the mall and no one know that she is a transsexual. In São Paulo you can see almost all types of shemales: Caucasian, mulatto, Asian ... And of all styles.

If you do not like to walk the streets, then go have fun with transvestites in São Paulo at nightclubs such as Danger on Thursday nights, Bubu Lounge on Friday night, The Week SP on Saturday night (the best) and, of course, Cantho club on Sundays. The quality of transsexuals in clubs can be even better than on the streets, because usually dolls who visit clubs are working as escorts on websites. Accompanying transvestites who advertise on websites are generally more refined, well-dressed and more independent.

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